Friday, June 15, 2012

11 Months

11 month stats:
17lbs 6oz
A few things about Miss Lila:
Cut 4 teeth in three weeks.
Is crawling
Pulls herself up to the furniture and walks around on it
Can stand on her own for a few minutes
Is starting to refuse baby food
Absolutely loves cheese and pizza
Makes the funniest faces when she eats fresh fruit
Crawls with one leg tucked up
Says Mama! and dada, dad, bye, hi, Lila, Ellie, and papa
LOVES her Aunty Stephenie and calls her nah nah
Dances when she hears music
Thinks sunglasses are hilarious
Likes to "sing" in the car just like her big sisters
Has a loud voice and wants to make sure she is heard
Loves animals, especially dogs, she goes crazy when she sees one
Is completely a Mamas girl, and mama loves it!
Will not drink from a bottle or sippy cup
Has to have a bite of EVERYTHING we eat
Hates having her nails clipped, but doesn't mind having them painted
Won't wear headbands anymore (cue tears from her mama)
Is a sweetheart and we love her to pieces!